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An award-winning filmmaker and producer, utilizing and self-developing skills

in photography and filmmaking since the tender age of 15

with the ultimate mission, becoming one of the most recognised filmmakers

and photographers worldwide.

By investing in talent and nourishing skills in a methodological manner enabling

one’s self to reach only the highest level of professionalism that satisfying the

pursuit of perfection.

A devoted, creative and multi skilled adaptable team player

hoping to unleash the knowledge of tools possessed, to initiate a movement

that encourages development in a better society for all.

The extensive background of skills and expertise acquired through the years allowed Ameen -alongside his brother Ziryab (                                   )- to start their own Production Company ( Gabreez Production ). 






Photography Workshops  French Culture Center : Altotype technique workshop by Alfons Alt.

German House : serial photography workshop by Andreas Rost.

British Council : Photography workshop by Tim Smith .

Intensive course in professional photography editing Dubai





HIPA Winner 3rd place, Time lapse category ( Hamdan Bin Rashed Al Maktoum International Photography Award 2018)  

The Gift Maker:   Videographer and story writer

* Winner of Zoom Competition - British Council


• Creative drama film created for the British Council, showcased on the BBC, around the UK and Edinburgh Film Festival. Managed filming, inventing a moving story line whilst having a direct input on the success of the film.


*Karama Has No Walls Director of Photography 


Academy Award Nominated - Best Short Documentary

• Multi Award winning humanitarian documentary based on Friday of Dignity, the revolution of 2011, the one day that changed the course of Yemeni history. Handled on filming tasks, co-management of production and post-production.


*LECTURES Pecha Kucha 20x20


Lebanese International University Science and Technology University





Zoom in Sana'a

German House


Fashion and Identity

Culture House



Tarim City


About Revolution

Change Square


Humanitarian Exhibition

Ministry of Culture Qatar Foundation

Doha - Qatar


Words of eyes

French Cultural Centre-National Museum


Soul of Human

Aden City


Yemen Fest-Centeral library



Yemen Cultural day-Marymount

International school-Paris


Altotype Technique

French Cultural Centre


General About Yemen

Ministry of Culture





Able to operate Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Lightroom and Illustrator



Colour Correcting

Graphic Design

Time Lapse and Hyper Lapse.

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صفحتي الرسمية في فيسبوك

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